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Spartan Gallery – WordPress Portfolio Plugin


What is Spartan Gallery

Spratan gallery is very simple and user friendly wordpress portfolio plugin with very easy to use user inference and awesome functionality . With few easy steps you could get awesome responsive portfolio for your website. Spartan Gallery is simple portfolio plugin like Envira Gallery or Module. It makes uploadng and displaying images really easy but it doesn’t have such functionality as NEXT gallery with images slides. With Spartan gallery we have kept in mine user experience and user values.

How to use Spartan Gallery ?


First Upload plugin to host plugin directory. After that activate plugin and cmb-2 tabs to start using spartan gallery. Now you are ready to start uploading images and choose options. If options are selected than just copy and paste shortcode where would you like to display images. Plugin crops imagesautomatically different sizes. Just select images size and all images are displayed on selected sizes what makes page loading time really fast. If you have uploaded images before using this plug don’t forget to use regenerate thumbnails wordpress plugin.

1. Install It,
2. Activate It ,
3. Upload Images,
4. Select Images Size and Layout.
5. Copy and paste shortcode and you are done.


Who could use Spartan Gallery ?

If you are blogger, photographer or just simple website owner who needs portfolio or gallery for your site, then you are on right place. Spartan Gallery is developed for users who are looking for good user inference and experience. I call it “Lock and Load ” effect, just upload images and load them. Another great feature about this plugin is that with shortcode you could display your gallery anywhere  you like what makes it quite flexible.With Spartan Gallery plugin you can upload an unlimited number of photos, create dozens of galleries and add tags for each file. Customization settings abound, including columns, thumbnail sizes, animations, layouts, and gutter and margin sizing. The free version comes with just one gallery theme for you to play with Spartan Gallery comes packed with stunning layout options, gallery and album views. WordPress Spartan Gallery is a great choice for photography websites and blogs, as well as sites that want to have robust image galleries with easy navigation. have a look at the plugin demo and give it a try.


Example Gallery

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